Configure the 3CX softphone

First steps

The 3CX Phone application can be downloaded from the following link.

3CX Phone For VoIP Providers

Please ensure that you are using the version of the 3CXPhone provided above, as 3CX do offer several different softphone applications on their website, not all of which work with the Simwood platform.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, you will need to enter your extension settings as below.

Basic configuration

The first time you start 3CX Phone, it will automatically create a new connection profile. Otherwise, click the new button to create a new profile. Next, enter a name for the connection.

You will need to configure the following fields, using the correct settings for your extension (see phone extension SIP settings):

  • Account Name: can be anything and is purely to help identify the account if you have more than one
  • Extension: enter the six-digit extension username
  • ID: enter the six-digit extension username
  • Password: enter the extension password

Finally, select the option “I am in the office” and enter "" in the space provided.

Click OK to create the connectionOnce you have logged in successfully, your user name will be shown at the top on the right-hand side.